First Month CrossFit Membership

For Those New To CrossFit. Includes 2 Hours of Private Fundamentals Training to start. This is the best way to see whether CrossFit NYC is right for you.

Get Started Safely

A First-Month CrossFit Membership (for those who are new or returning to CrossFit) allows you to start off working one-on-one with an experienced CrossFit coach. It allows us to review your goals and set you up on the best path to accomplishing them.

One-On-One With A Coach

2 hours of private training with an experienced CrossFit NYC coach.

A Full Month Membership

Full access to our schedule for one month, starting on the day of your first private session.

No Further Commitment

A chance to learn what CrossFit NYC is about with no further obligation.

Get Started Right

The best way to get on the path to accomplishing your fitness goals.