David Stogsdill

David grew up in Kansas staying active by playing outdoor activities and soccer. David hated everything about the gym and always preferred to play rather than work when it came to fitness. After several experiences with different recreation centers, commercial gyms, and home workouts, he would always leave.  It was the same story each time: he’d be a bit more fit, but totally unmotivated to keep up with the workout regimen and bored at the gym.

Things changed for David after his first class at CrossFit NYC. David realized that CFNYC was a place to “play” and “work” at the same time.  The various skills and movements David has learned in CrossFit, he never imagined would be possible for him to do.  A goal of completing a handstand push up against the wall was a milestone – and now he completes them freestanding – a testament to his hard work and CrossFit training.

David has developed a passion for gymnastics, mobility, and Olympic weightlifting and has dedicated much of his free time to furthering his knowledge and expertise in these areas. His mission is to share the idea that working out can be more fun and  “play”, rather than boring and monotonous “work”.

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  • CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
  • CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
  • Carl Paoli’s Freestyle Gymnastics Seminar
  • Catalyst Athletics Olympic Lifting Level 1 Seminar