Select Your CrossFit NYC Membership Today

Midday and Weekends
$159/per month
(12 month commitment)
$179 /mo (6 month commitment)
$199 /mo (3 month commitment)
$219 /mo (No commitment)
Excludes Weekday classes starting before 8:30 AM or after 4:30 PM
Class Packs
$495/20 classes
Pay as you go
Use them as you need them, perfect for unpredictable schedules**
Use within 6 months
Other options
Pack of 10 classes for $299


Common Questions

What is CrossFit?

It’s just the best way to improve your fitness, that’s all.

You’ll do all kinds of exercises with weights and with just your body.

Each day is different.

And CrossFit is different from other kinds of exercise. The combination of variety and intensity is a kind of secret sauce that is amazingly effective. There are lots of ways for you to get in shape, and some work better than others, but it’s no longer necessary to reserve hours of your day to grind out time on a stair stepper.

You will spend less time working out and see more progress from CrossFit than from anything else you’ve done before. That’s not idle bragging.

Do you have discounts?


You can get a decent discount by choosing one of the 3, 6, or 12-month commitment options.

If you know CrossFit is the right fit for you, then why not save a little dough? Or even a lot of dough.

Select the plan above that fits you best and choose your option on the next page.

What’s the Midday and Weekends plan?

It just means that you can’t come work out at our busiest times.

But it does include:

  • Any weekday class that starts at or after 8:30 AM and at or before 4:30 PM
  • Any weekend class

This option is perfect for people with some flexibility in their schedules, and it still covers a large portion of our available classes.

Will I like group classes?

We don’t know–everyone is different.

BUT, these classes are extremely motivating, and there is a kind of indefinable magic that emerges when people are pulling for each other in class. The magic comes from the mixture of competition, which will drive you to personal performance you never dreamed was possible, and from the support of your classmates, which make the workouts fun and even inspiring.

You’ll love it more than any other kind of working out you’ve done before.

And it will do more for you strength, your fitness, your ability to lose weight, your confidence, than any other workout you’ve done before.

We base this wild claim on having watched thousands of people work out here, love it, and get results they can brag about.

Do need to be in shape first?

No, no, no, no.

This is the most common misconception about CrossFit.

Yes, it has a reputation for being hard, but all of our workouts will be scaled and modified to accommodate whatever level of fitness you’re at now.

CrossFit is for the super fit who want to take it up a notch AND for the person who’s lifted nothing but paperclips for the last ten years.

The tools for both sorts of people are built right into the CrossFit method.

Don’t decide you have to get in shape first to come here to get in shape. That’s a recipe for never starting.

We work with all kinds of people in all kinds of shape. And that is an enormous source of pride for us and you can only start where you are, so start.

The fine print

We are required to collect NYC sales tax.

You can put your membership on hold if you are planning an extended absence. (7 days minimum, and there is a small holding fee*).

You can buy single classes as a drop in, but you must have completed our Elements Class or have a waiver from our front desk staff if you have previous CrossFit experience. Email the staff at

Coaches are available for personal training. You do not need to be a member. Contact coaches directly for more information.

Monthly memberships auto-renew, but again, you can cancel at any time.

**The only tiny restriction is that we need 7 days notice before your next billing date to cancel a month-to-month plan.**

*Holding fee is $3 per day for 7 to 20 days, or $2 per day for 21 days or longer.

**10-packs must be used within 3 months, 20-packs must be used with in 6 months.