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The Support Your Local Box Fundraiser is a CrossFit event for the benefit of CrossFit affiliates affected by COVID-19 around the globe. We will be doing the first workout on Monday April 6th. Learn more about this event and how you can support CrossFit NYC.

Warm Up
3 rounds for quality:
30-60 seconds/side Hamstring Stretch (your choice of stretch)
10-12/side Fire Hydrants
10-12 Forearm Plank Walk Ups
10/side Frankenstein

A1. Single Leg Squat, 3 sets of 5/side
A2. Quadruped Bird Dog Plank, 3×15-20 seconds/side
A3. Wall Supported Tibialis Raise 3×15-20

10 minute AMRAP:
10/side Sprint Lunge Jump
10/side Plank Opposite Toe Touch
10 Glute Bridge Hamstring Curls

Coaches Notes

Strength: Scale the Single Leg Squats/Pistols by performing eccentrics to an object (chair, bench, bed, etc) and then standing with 2 legs (or 1 if able). Aim to increase the range of motion each set. Scale the bird dog plank with quadruped shoulder taps. The wall supported tibialis raises will burn – that’s the point!

Conditioning: This is a posterior chain (back side of body) dominant combination, team. During the Sprint Lunge Jumps be conscious of your knee position and do not allow it to drop in. If it is, focus on foot pressure and glute engagement to fight against it. You can scale the Plank Opposite Toe Touches by touching your shin or knee instead. Be conscious not to lose your midline/overextend during the Glute Bridge Hamstring Curls. Scale the movement by performing 20 Glute Bridge (no hamstring curl).

Upcoming Events and News:

  • Update as of 3/16/20: CrossFit NYC Will Temporarily Close Monday Evening at 8:00 PM

    In accordance with the directive of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, CrossFit NYC is closing this evening at 8:00 PM and will remain closed as long as the governor’s mandate remains in effect.

    We will extend your membership by the number of days that we remain closed.  (If you have a specific question about your personal situation, you can email us at or, but please allow us up to 48 hours to respond.)

    Since we opened our first location in 2006, we have never been closed for more than a single day. However this is a matter of both law and public safety. With the support of our members, we intend to reopen at the earliest possible date.

    Tomorrow, we will begin publishing workouts on the website for members that can be done at home with minimal equipment. We believe that maintaining your fitness during this time should still be a priority. We would love to see you share your workout results with the CrossFit NYC community on the blog.

    We are grateful to all our members during this difficult time, and we know that our survival as a small business will depend on you returning when this is over.

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Support Your Local Box Fundraiser Workout 1

Monday-Sunday 200316-22 - Competition

Monday 3/16
Warm Up
3 rounds:
10/side Single Arm Suitcase Deadlifts
10/side Single Arm Kettlebell Swings

A1. Good Mornings 4×10, increasing
A2. Landmine Push Press 4×5/side

B1. Front Squats 5×5, increasing (40-60% of 1 RM)
B2. Weighted Strict Pull Ups 5×5, increasing

C. 2 rounds for time:
10 Deadlifts (315/225)
20 Deficit Handstand Push Ups (4.5 / 3 inches)
30 Front Squats (95/65)

Time Cap: 20 minutes

Tuesday 3/17
A. Alternating Back Rack Forward Lunges 4×10, building

B. 10 minute AMRAP:
20 Alternating Kettlebell Cleans (24/16) or Dumbbell Ground to Shoulder (50/35)
10/side Kettlebell or Dumbbell Shoulder to Overhead
20 Box Jumps (24/20)

Wednesday 3/18
Rest Day/Active Recovery

Thursday 3/19
A. Every 75 seconds for 5 sets: 1 Power Clean + 2 Split Jerks with 3 second pause in the catch
Every 75 seconds for 5 sets: 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat + 1 Split Jerk with 3 second pause in the dip
Every 75 seconds for 10 sets: 1 Clean and Jerk

B. Every 2 minutes for 5 sets: 3 Split Jerks, building

C. 3 rounds for time:
9 Bar Muscle Ups
18 Toes to Bar

Friday 3/20
Warm Up
3 rounds:
5/side Lateral Box Step Ups
5/side Turkish Sit Ups
5/side Single Arm Strict Press

A1. Bulgarian Dumbbell Split Squats 3×6/side, increasing (hold a dumbbell in each arm at your side)
A2. Turkish Get up 3×2/side, increasing

B. Push Press 5×5, increasing

C. 6 minute AMRAP:
8 Thrusters (115/85)
50 Double Unders

Saturday 3/21
Warm Up
2 rounds:
5/side Single Arm High Pulls
8 Squats with press out
5 Scap Pull Ups
5-7 minute Empty Barbell Snatch Warm Up

A. Snatch Complex
7 sets, increasing:
1 Snatch Pull
1 Hang Power Snatch
1 Hang Squat Snatch
1 Squat Snatch
1 Snatch Balance
1 Overhead Squat

B. For time:
15 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
10 Overhead Squats (95/65)
15 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
10 Overhead Squats (135/85)
15 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
10 Overhead Squats (185/115)
15 Chest to Bar Pull Ups
10 Overhead Squats (225/145)

Time Cap: 15 minutes

C. Echo Bike: 10 minutes for max calories.

Sunday 3/22
Rest Day/Active Recovery

Sunday-Sunday 200315-0322 - Specialty

Sunday 3/15
Every 5 minutes, complete 6 rounds of:
100 Toe Taps to Med Ball
20 Wall Balls (20/14)
10 Toes to Bar

Wednesday 3/18
“Rowing Marguerita”
Complete 50 rounds for time of:
1 Burpee
1 Push-Up
1 Jumping-Jack
1 Sit-Up
1 Handstand


2,000/1,600 m Row

Time Cap: 40 minutes

Functional Strength
Sunday 3/15
A1. Axle Bar Tempo Bench Press 4×5, building (50X1)
A2. Bent Over Landmine Towel Rows 3×10, across

B. Every 2 minutes for 16 minutes:
1 – 60 second Handstand Hold
2 – 15 Dumbbell Sumo Deadlift High Pull
3 – 20 Dumbbell Close Grip Press

Note: Use the same weight for high pulls and presses

Sunday 3/22
A1. Banded Axle Deadlifts 6×2, building
A2. 6×20 seconds/side Single Arm Box Planks

B. Teams of 2, complete 3 rounds each:
Partner 1 – Forearm Plank Hold
Partner 2 – 20 Dual Kettlebell Front Walking Lunges (10/side) + 10 Dual Kettlebell Push Press

Week 1: Rings
A. Strict Muscle Up Fundamentals: false grip, support, dips, transitions drills on low rings

B. 3 rounds for quality:
15 Box Shrugs
15 Reverse Dips
15 Hollow Rocks
15 Arch Rocks

Olympic Weightlifting
Sunday 3/15 (28th St) and Saturday 3/21 (UWS)
3×3, 3×2, 3×1

Front Squat
2×3, 2×2, 2×1

Wednesday 3/18
Snatch Deadlift + Hang Snatch + Snatch

Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlift

Sunday 3/22 (28th St) and Saturday 3/28 (UWS)
Clean + Hang Clean

Back Squat

Barbell Programming 12/22-12/29

Training will be sparse due to the holiday this week and next. At the moment we are going to ease up on the pedal to prepare for the mock meet. There should be time at the end of class for stretching, foam rolling, and ab work.

For those not attending you may go heavier on everything.

Sunday 12/22
3 sets
Russian Step ups
5 reps/side
Staggered Stance Romanian Deadlift
5 reps/side

Clean + Jerk
Squat – tempo 3-0-3-1
60% of Clean/3×2

Monday 12/23
3 sets:
Calf Raises in Squat – barefoot; slow eccentric; explore all angles
10 reps
Side Bridges
10 reps/side
Glute Bridges
10 reps

Clean + Jerk
Squat – tempo 3-0-3-1
60% of Clean/3×2

Tuesday 12/24
Wednesday 12/25

Thursday 12/26
3 sets:
Calf Raises in Squat – barefoot; slow eccentric; explore all angles
10 reps
Side Bridges
10 reps/side
Glute Bridges
10 reps

Clean + Jerk
Squat – tempo 3-0-3-1
60% of Clean/3×2

Sunday 12/29
Mock Meet