Workout of the Day

Monday-Sunday 190617-23 - Competition

Monday 6/17
Rest Day

Tuesday 6/18
Warm up
3 rounds:
5/leg Lateral Box Step Ups
10/side Single Arm Kettlebell Swings
10/side Suitcase Deadlifts

A. Sumo Deadlift 4×2, 1×5
Note: Take 4 sets to warm up and then start work sets.

B. Back Rack Barbell Step Ups 3×8/side

C. Single Leg Hip Thrusts 3×12/leg (off bench)

D. 5 rounds of 5x(1 Muscle Up + 1 Ring Dip), rest as needed between sets, note this is 25 total reps

E. Every 5 minutes for 4 rounds:
10 Hang Clean and Jerk (2×50/2×35)
15 Toes to Bar
20 Calorie Row

Wednesday 6/19
Manhattan Barbell Club Programming
A1. Decline Bench Press 3×3, increasing
A2. Weighted Chin Ups 4×6

B1. Standing Single Arm Landmine Press 3×8/arm
B2. Split Stance Banded Row 3×12/side

Note: Leg opposite working arm should be forward.

Click here for the rest of this week’s Competition programming:

Sunday-Sunday 190616-23 - Specialty

Sunday 6/16
“Coach Todd’s Beach Bod 4.0”
3 rounds for reps of:
2 minute AMRAP: Echo Bike for Calories

Rest 1 Minute

2 minute AMRAP:
6 Parallette Shoot Thrus (Rx+ w/ Push Up and Dip)
12 American Kettlebell Swings (24/16)
Rest 1 Minute

2 Minute AMRAP: Row For Calories

Rest 1 Minute

2 minute AMRAP:
5/leg Double Dumbbell Front Rack Reverse Lunges (2×50/2×35)
20 Hollow Rocks (Scale 20 Second Hollow Hold)

Rest 1 Minute

Wednesday 6/19
“Bombshell 2.0”
30 minute Partner AMRAP:
50 Air Squats
40 Plate Ground to Overhead (45/25)
30 Thrusters (75/55)
20 Chest To Bar Pull Ups (Rx+ 10 Muscle Ups)
10 Wall Walks

Note: Partition reps as desired, one person working at a time.

Functional Strength
Sunday 6/16
A1. Axle Bar Bench Press 4×8, increasing
A2. Dumbbell Reverse Flys 4×10, increasing

B. 4 rounds of 30 seconds work/15 seconds rest:
Seated Dumbbell Arnold Press
Skull Crushers
Axle Bar Bicep Curls
Dumbbell Lateral Raises

C. For time: 50 Heavy Double Russian Kettlebell Swings

Note: Beat time from Sunday 6/2/19 or go heavier!

Sunday 6/23
A. Bulgarian Split Squats 5×7/leg, increasing

B. Partner Conditioning
8 rounds for time of:
2/side Sandbag TGU
5-7 Strict Chin Ups
100 ft No Push Up Burpee Broad Jumps

Note: Alternate rounds with your partner.

Week 4/4 – Bar Muscle Ups

This is our last week for bar muscle ups. We’ve been working on the foundational movements to achieve or improve your bar muscle up. The class includes kipping work, core strength, grip technique and multiple drills to build motor memory for your bar muscle up. Please keep in mind that if you don’t have a strict pull up yet, then a bar muscle up will be very difficult to accomplish, BUT you can still come to class and work on drills!

Olympic Weightlifting
Sunday 6/16
Jerk Behind the Neck + Jerk


Wednesday 6/19
Tall Snatch

Snatch Above Knee

Snatch Below Knee


Sunday 6/23
Tall Clean

Clean Above the Knee

Clean Below the Knee