Beyond the Whiteboard


CrossFit is an evidence-based fitness program.  Without collecting data on our performance in the gym, we lose a major component of tracking our progress over time.  If you don’t track your workouts, you will not have a reference point to test your fitness next time these workouts come up in the gym. Ideally the way you track your results should be easy, comprehensive, and provide you with the proper data to completely understand your CrossFit experience.  Enter Beyond the Whiteboard.

Beyond the Whiteboard (also known as “BTWB”) is a web site and app (iOS & Android) that allows you to track your results at CrossFit NYC. All CFNYC members have free access to BTWB.  The gym’s programming is pre-loaded into the BTWB system, so once you log in, you will be able to easily track your results each day, and over time you’ll be able to easily look up your results for any lift or WOD.  BTWB also creates a fitness index, generates power graphs, and allows you to examine your results in many useful ways. You can also track bodyweight and general health habits if you choose to add that data into the mix.


Joining BTWB is quick and easy:

When you sign up for an account on, you will be prompted for a gym code. CFNYC members can enter the code NYC759 and it will accept you into our gym. This will register your account at no charge, and give you access to our daily programming so you can log your results (see below).


BTWB is not just limited to the workouts you do at CrossFit NYC. If you travel and do a workout at another box or at home, you can easily enter the workout in BTWB by choosing “Log / Workout” and entering the data. This will allow you to track 100% of your fitness activity.

If you have any questions about signing up, or any of the BTWB functions, email