What are the additional benefits of a 12-month membership?

Additional benefits of a 12-month membership plan include:

  • 50% Discount on all Shirt Purchases
  • 50% Discount on Drop-In Charges for your Friends and/or Guests
  • Elimination of the normal $5 Charge when you drop in at your “non home” CrossFit NYC location

The discount on shirts:

  • Applies to the posted prices, so if an item has already been marked down, your price will be an additional 50% off the marked-down price.
  • We ask that you use this discount only for items you purchase for your own use and/or a visiting friend or guest (i.e., please don’t purchase for others and/or resell merchandise).

If you would like to host a guest, who visits occasionally:

  • Email us with your guest copied and please vouch for your guest’s CrossFit experience.
  • We will normally be able to accommodate only a single guest when you also attend.
  • Your account (not your guest’s) will be charged half the normal drop-in rate.
  • Your guest will be sent a waiver that needs to be filled out before arrival.

To drop in at your non home location:

  • Email us in advance, and we will set you up at no charge (assuming there is space).