I have a favorite class time I always attend. Can I auto-enroll into that class for the future?

If you’ve been a member at CFNYC for three months or longer, you are eligible for auto-enrollment for up to five WODs per week in Zen Planner. This means that you will automatically registered for your selected classes every week without worrying about signing up in advance.

You will still be responsible for canceling any reservations for classes you cannot attend. Our No Show policy still applies if you do not cancel with ample notice – members that take advantage of auto-enrollement generally have a regular schedule of attendance.

If you’re interested in Auto-Enrollment in up to five of your weekly classes, please email us at info@crossfitnycdotcom with your preferred class time(s), level and location (e.g. Monday & Tuesday 6:05am Beginner WODs at 67th St).