Workout of the Day

Tuesday 050705

Not even post-Independence Day hangovers can stop our brave New York Crossfitters, as this morning’s class proved. We blew through Fran, practiced PVC snatch drills, worked on L-sits, and generally attracted bewildered stares from the other personal trainers with whom… Read more »

What a strange day it’s been…

Woke up and went to our first Crossfit NYC workout. I thought I would just be handling the stopwatch and making useful commments like, “Keep your heels down”, “gut it out!”, “Get some!”, “3 more, don’t quit!” But somehow found… Read more »

First Class!

We’re off and running. This morning at 9:00am, CFNYC officially launched, with an astounding 14 people at the first class. We started the day with a look at squat form, practicing air-squats and PVC overhead squats, then launched into a… Read more »

And Away We Go

Yes friends, the long-held hope and dream of CrossFitters worldwide is finally coming to fruition: CrossFit is taking on the Big Apple. And it’s taking it on this very weekend. Sunday, July 3rd, we’ll be holding CrossFitNYC’s very first class,… Read more »