Workout of the Day

Saturday 180721 – Beginner

Strength A1. Tempo Bench Press 5×5 (32X0) A2. 5×6-8/arm Kettlebell or Dumbbell Bent Over Row Compare to Saturday 7/14/18. Conditioning 12 minute alternating EMOM: Minute 1 – 14 Abmat Sit ups Minute 2 – 14 Alternating Dumbbell or Kettlebell Snatch… Read more »

Barbell 7/15 through 7/26

Cycle 25 Week 3; 330 Weekly Quota 75 minutes of Cardio Overhead Duck Walks and Hops (snatch grip; forwards and backwards) 100 Back Extensions Single Leg Work (lunges, deadlifts, pistols, etc; with or without weight) Ring Rows/Pullups/Pushups Sunday 7/15; 70… Read more »

Tuesday 180717 – Beginner

Strength Back Squats 10×2, increasing Note: We are starting to back squat each week for the rest of the summer, and will practice our front squats in conditioning workouts and barbell complexes. Expect to see the number of sets decrease… Read more »

Tuesday 180717 – Experienced

Barbell Complex Clean Deadlift+Hang Clean, from above knee+Front Squat 5x(3+3+3) Compare weights to last week. Conditioning 5 rounds for time of: 5 Deadlifts (275/185) 10 Burpees