Workout of the Day

Sunday 190707 – Experienced

Strength A1. Chest to Wall Handstand Hold 4×10 seconds (shy of failure) A2. Shoulder Flexion or Hamstring Mobilization 4×30-60 seconds Conditioning 30 seconds max reps at each station, followed by 30 seconds rest for 16 minutes: S1 – Single Arm… Read more »

Sunday 190707 – Beginner

Strength A1. Ring Support Hold 3×25-35 seconds A2. Farmers Carry High Knee Steps 3×10/leg (AHAP) Conditioning 5 rounds for time: 10/side Plank Mountain Climbers 10 Russian Kettlebell Swings (24/16) 10 Tuck Ups

Sunday-Sunday 190707-0714 – Specialty

Endurance Sunday 7/7 “Top Chord” 30 minute Partner AMRAP: Partner 1: (Timekeeper) 1/arm Turkish Get Up 6/arm Kettlebell Snatch 12 Seated Kettlebell Russian Twists (light) Partner 2: Row for Max Calories Note: Alternate rounds with your partner. Wednesday 7/10 “Summer… Read more »

Tuesday 190702 – Experienced

Strength Tempo Back Squat 4×8 (21X1), building Conditioning 15 minute alternating EMOM: M1: ME Air Squats M2: ME Calories Echo Bike M3: ME Toes to Bar M4: ME Sumo Dual Kettlebell Deadlift (2×24/2×16) M5: Rest Note: Must increase reps each… Read more »

Monday 190701 – Beginner

Strength Strict Press 5×5, across (70% of 1 RM) Partner Conditioning 16 minute AMRAP: 5/side Hang Dumbbell Snatch (50/35) 10/8 Calorie Row Note: Alternate rounds with your partner.