Tuesday 180529 – Experienced

Strength Cluster Front Squats 6×1.1.1, across Rest 15-20 seconds between each single. If possible, increase from last week’s sets: 5/20 and 5/21. 1 RM Front Squat testing on June 24th and 25th. Gymnastics Accessory Work 3 sets, not for time:… Read more »

Tuesday 180522 – Experienced

Strength 3-5 sets, time permitting: A1. 6-8/arm Alternating Dumbbell or Kettlebell Bench Press (31X1), rest 30 seconds A2. 12-15 Unbroken Strict Chest to Bar Pull ups (use bands or rings, if needed), rest 2 minutes Compare Dumbbell Bench to 4/24/18… Read more »