Workout of the Day

Monday-Sunday 200316-22 – Competition

Monday 3/16 Warm Up 3 rounds: 10/side Single Arm Suitcase Deadlifts 10/side Single Arm Kettlebell Swings A1. Good Mornings 4×10, increasing A2. Landmine Push Press 4×5/side B1. Front Squats 5×5, increasing (40-60% of 1 RM) B2. Weighted Strict Pull Ups… Read more »

Saturday 200314 – Beginner/All Levels

Please note we are running All Levels (Beginner/Experienced) classes starting Saturday 3/14. Here is the updated workout: Strength A1. Floor Press 3×10, building (Choose a weight you can perform unbroken, but is moderately challenging) A2. Plyometric Push Up or Tough… Read more »