Thursday 140911 – Photo of the Day

In honor of the 13th anniversary of September 11th, all the WOD classes (Beginner, All-Levels, and Experienced) are doing the same WOD today, listed below. Every WOD is an opportunity to meditate on the strength of the human spirit and… Read more »

Wednesday 140910 – Photo of the Day

“How to Snatch” with Coach Kevin, this Sunday, September 14th! Amazing Grace How culture shapes our senses “Single White Female” CrossFit Eating can be addictive, but sugar and fat are not like drugs Coach, I can’t do pullups–7 tips to… Read more »

Tuesday 140909 – Photo of the Day

Congrats to the “Children of the Dungeon” (pictured above), a.k.a. a bunch of our UWS morning peeps who not only did a Spartan Race together, they also raised money for charity! Way to represent CFNYC! “How to Snatch” with Coach… Read more »

Monday 140908 – Photo of the Day

An ex-con’s guide to prison weightlifting What to eat when you’re sick Streets to scholarship Adaptive athletes participate in CrossFit to tear down stereotypes Pull-ups vs. chin-ups: A comparison and analysis

Friday 140905 – Photo of the Day

Born to cheat! How world-class athletes can take drugs…and get away with it Is low-carb really the best weight loss diet? (Analysis of most recent low-carb study) Functional fighting What is the blue light from our screens really doing to… Read more »

Thursday 140904 – Photo of the Day

Coach Erica gets on up! Emotions in motion 6 myths the haters need to stop telling about CrossFit Brisket (in NYC!) is worth the wait Athletic gear soars, outpacing sport itself Better identification of Viking corpses reveals: Half of the… Read more »

Wednesday 140903 – Photo of the Day

eWOD Programming Note The 2014 Games were heavier, higher-skill and shorter than recent years Grunting helps tennis players play better Fruits and vegetables are trying to kill you Why practice doesn’t always make perfect Why do we have blood types?

Tuesday 140902 – Photo of the Day

Judging squat depth is not difficult… CNN interviews Rich Froning Rich Froning’s comeback could have been even more amazing (and more scoring system thoughts) It’s probably best to avoid antibacterial soaps The truth we won’t admit: Drinking is healthy