August 2016 Member of the Month

August 2016 Member of the Month Introduced by Jason Lucking Dave, the Man, the Myth, the Blair-Meister-General CrossFit was not Dave’s thing. He enjoyed working his chest and adding in curls, day in day out. Leg day? That was just another… Read more »

CFNYC at Kettlebell Kitchen HQ!

Congratulations to two of CFNYC’s own for earning positions at our favorite clean-eating delivery service, Kettlebell Kitchen. Alicia Wnorowski Role: Sales and Marketing MBA Intern Responsibilities: Help with digital marketing strategy and execution, including channels like email, search, and social… Read more »

July 2016 Member of the Month

  July 2016 Member of the Month Introduced by Elaina Gemelas  She personifies determination and her drive is unstoppable. Renée Jordan negates any preconceived notions on her small but mighty frame. If someone foolishly underestimates her abilities, like when doctors… Read more »

Programming Update: Summer 2016

Programming Update: Summer 2016 This year, the programming will transition from longer 10-12 week cycles (Competition, Experienced, Beginner) to shorter 5 week cycles with specific goals and focus in mind from the programmers. If you missed reading the the basics… Read more »

May 2016 Member of the Month

  May 2016 Member of the Month Introduced by Craig Bagno Reis Baron. The Man with Two Last Names. Keeper and Protector of the Blog. Inspiration for the eponymous Reis’s Pieces WOD. Noted Body Chemistry Theorist. BTWB Whisperer. Owner of… Read more »

Programming 101: Post-Open (2016)

For those of you who follow the daily programming on the blog, you already know that the yearly programming cycle is based around this 5 week “competition”. A big congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2016 CrossFit Open. While… Read more »