May 2016 Member of the Month

  May 2016 Member of the Month Introduced by Craig Bagno Reis Baron. The Man with Two Last Names. Keeper and Protector of the Blog. Inspiration for the eponymous Reis’s Pieces WOD. Noted Body Chemistry Theorist. BTWB Whisperer. Owner of… Read more »

Programming 101: Post-Open (2016)

For those of you who follow the daily programming on the blog, you already know that the yearly programming cycle is based around this 5 week “competition”. A big congratulations to everyone who participated in the 2016 CrossFit Open. While… Read more »

Beyond the Whiteboard Update

You may have noticed in Beyond the Whiteboard that the most recent Strict Press workouts are now called exactly that, “Strict Press”. Historically this movement was referred to as “Shoulder Press”. This is mainly because BTWB refers to this movement… Read more »

CrossFit NYC Reception is hiring!

CFNYC Reception is ready to bring another member to the team! We’re looking for someone to bring their passion from the barbell to the Front Desk. If you’ve got customer service experience under your weight-belt and a long-standing history of… Read more »

Programming Changes for Fridays

Friday Programming and Scheduling Changes Starting April 1, all Friday WOD’s will be “All Levels,” and will be appropriate for every member of CrossFit NYC, whether you normally follow “Beginner,” “Experienced,” or “Competition” programming the rest of the week. It… Read more »