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Friday 180105 – Photo of the Day

Yes, we’re open! Due to the cold weather we will be entering the building through 44 W 28th Street (closer to the R train than our usual entrance) and taking the elevator to 3rd floor. All of Friday and Saturday’s… Read more »

Thursday-Saturday 180104-06 – Experienced

Thursday 1/4 Barbell Cycling In 3 attempts, find 10 RM Hang Snatch (Power or Squat) Accessory 3×5 Weighted Pull ups, increasing 3×8-10 Barbell Good Mornings, increasing All Levels Friday 1/5 Skill Work HSPU Progressions Conditioning “CrossFit Open Workout 15.4” Complete… Read more »

Tuesday 180102 – Photo of the Day

Last class of Fundamentals graduates before 2018 dropped. If your friends are wondering what CrossFit is all about, refer them to us via email and have them CC you. They’ll get Fundamentals for free and if they sign up for… Read more »

This Week’s Specialty WODs

CFE Sunday 1/7 and Wednesday 1/10 Team Conditioning 0-12 minutes: Minute 1: Row for Calories Minute 2: ME Strict Pull Ups (Rx+ Muscle Ups) Minute 3: Rest 13-24 minutes: Minute 1: Row for Calories Minute 2: ME Push Ups Minute… Read more »