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Sunday 141116 – OlyWOD

You can sign up for this week’s OlyWOD here. This Sunday we will focus on performing Clean and Jerks with a specific focus on the correct position and footwork for the split or push jerk. For a little clean and… Read more »

Tuesday 141111 – Competition

Warm up: Mobility Technique: Snatch Balance Part A. Snatch 7×2 (70-80%) max, rest 2 minutes between sets Part B. Snatch Pulls 3×3 (100%) Part B. 14 minute alternating EMOM Odd minutes: 7 unbroken Power Snatches (60-70% max power snatch) Even minutes:… Read more »

Friday 141107 – Competition

Warm up: Your choice + 6 sets: 10 second Free Standing Handstand Holds 10 seconds (or attempts in 10 seconds) Rest 30 seconds + One minute: Active hang from bar One minute: Scap Pull ups One minute: Passive hang from… Read more »

Thursday 141106 – Competition

Warm up: Mobility Part A. Muscle Snatch (from the Floor) 3×3 Part B. 3 position Hang Power Snatch Complex (Below the Knee+Mid-Thigh+Hip) x 5-7 sets Part C. 5 sets for time, mix up order of movements each round: 1) 10 Overhead Squats… Read more »

Sunday 141109 – OlyWOD

In case you haven’t signed up yet, you can pre-register for the class here. Last week we focused on pulling off the blocks from various heights.  This Sunday’s workout will focus on a clean complex of Power Clean + Half Clean… Read more »