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Wednesday 200318 – Photo of the Day

Home Workout of the Day Warm Up 3 sets for quality: 10 Cat-Cow 20-30 seconds/side Side Plank Hold 10/side Mountain Climber with Rotation + Optional but recommended: GMB Wrist Warm Up for Handstand Prep Part A “Marguerita” 50 reps for… Read more »

Tuesday 200317 – Photo of the Day

Home Workout of the Day Part A – Strength A1. Single Leg Bodyweight Romanian Deadlift 3 sets of 8/side A2. Chest to Wall Shoulder Taps 3 sets of 8/side (modify with Quadruped Plank Shoulder Taps) A3. Single Leg V-Ups 3… Read more »

Monday 200316 – Photo of the Day

Update as of 3/16/20: CrossFit NYC Will Temporarily Close Monday Evening at 8:00 PM In accordance with the directive of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, CrossFit NYC is closing this evening at 8:00 PM and will remain closed as long… Read more »

Sunday 200315 – Photo of the Day

Update as of 3/12/20: Due to the current changes in people’s work schedules, there will be some minor temporary schedule changes at both gym locations. Starting Saturday, March 14, we are running All Levels (Beginner/Experienced) classes all week long to… Read more »