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Today, we have Zoom classes at 8 AM with Bobby, 2 PM with Dustin, and 7 PM with Bobby. Any questions about our virtual workouts? Please email Avery@crossfitnyc.com.

Warm Up
3 rounds for quality:
30 second/side Star Plank
10 Spider-Man’s with Thoracic Rotation
10 Contralateral Reverse Lunges with Knee Lift

A1. Goblet Lateral Lunge, 3 sets of 8-10/side, load if able
A2. Jump with Single Leg Landing, 3 sets of 5/side with 2 second pause in each landing
A3. Windshield Wipers, 3 sets of 8-10/side

3 rounds for time:
50 Mountain Climbers
40 Ski Jumps
30 Alternating Jumping Spidermans
20 Single Leg V-Ups

Coaches Notes

Strength: The Goblet Lateral Lunge can be done in place – step away then explode back to starting position by bringing your feet together. Allow the stepping leg to do the bulk of the work and resist the urge to bend the trail leg. The Jump with Single Leg Landing gets harder the higher you jump. Work on minimizing any extra movement upon landing. If the movement makes you feel vulnerable then perform 5/side Single Leg Balance to Overhead Reach. Windshield Wipers can be scaled by bending your knees. 

Conditioning: Keep shoulders on top of wrists during Mountain Climbers. Scale the Spidermans by stepping instead of jumping. Scale the Single Leg V-Ups by performing Single Leg Tuck-Ups. Happy Tuesday, Team! 

Upcoming Events and News:

  • Update as of 3/16/20: CrossFit NYC Will Temporarily Close Monday Evening at 8:00 PM

    In accordance with the directive of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, CrossFit NYC is closing this evening at 8:00 PM and will remain closed as long as the governor’s mandate remains in effect.

    We will extend your membership by the number of days that we remain closed.  (If you have a specific question about your personal situation, you can email us at Desk28@CrossFitNYC.com or Desk67@CrossFitNYC.com, but please allow us up to 48 hours to respond.)

    Since we opened our first location in 2006, we have never been closed for more than a single day. However this is a matter of both law and public safety. With the support of our members, we intend to reopen at the earliest possible date.

    Tomorrow, we will begin publishing workouts on the website for members that can be done at home with minimal equipment. We believe that maintaining your fitness during this time should still be a priority. We would love to see you share your workout results with the CrossFit NYC community on the blog.

    We are grateful to all our members during this difficult time, and we know that our survival as a small business will depend on you returning when this is over.

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