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Home Workout of the Day 

Warm Up
3 rounds for quality:
10 Cat Cows
10 Alternating Spider-Man’s
10 PVC Pipe Good Mornings
10 PVC Pipe Back Squats
10 PVC Pipe Overhead Squats

Note: If you do not have a PVC Pipe any sort of dowel, curtain rod, or broomstick will work. Even your jump rope or towel held taut overhead can work for Overhead Squat practice – just make sure your hands are snatch width apart. Or if this is something you want to practice in upcoming weeks, you can order a PVC pipe from

PVC Pipe Snatch Development
5 sets of 3 reps: 10 Second Squat Snatch

Note: If you do not have access to any equipment today, work on 5×5 wall facing tempo squats with your hands above your head like this drill from CrossFit. You will do a 5551 tempo each repetition. Take breaks as needed to focus on your form!

Press in Snatch
5 sets of 8-10 reps

For time:
200 m Run
Rest (same time as previous run)
400 m Run
Rest (same time as previous run)
600 m Run

Rest the exact time it takes you to complete the interval in each set (Ex: 200 m Run takes 35 seconds, rest 35 seconds, then run 400 m, etc. Workout may be modified using a bike, ski erg or rower.

Coaches Notes

Strength: We’re asking you to own every inch of the movement. This is an opportunity to slow down and feel exactly what is happening at each point in the lift. Obviously you cannot jump in slow motion so you should begin with your feet in squat width. Note the sequence of the movement: press the ground away as the knees shift back, stay over the bar until it reaches mid-thigh, begin to extend at the hip, once fully extended allow shoulders to elevate towards ears, then begin pulling yourself under the bar, catching above parallel with arms cleanly locked out overhead, slowly ride to the bottom of your overhead squat, stand and done! Easy peasy! 😉

Conditioning: If measuring meters is difficult based on circumstances then instead follow this time structure:
1:30 run at 8-9 intensity
1:30 rest
2:30 run at 8-9 intensity
2:30 rest
4:00 run at 8-9 intensity
4:00 rest


Upcoming Events and News:

  • Update as of 3/16/20: CrossFit NYC Will Temporarily Close Monday Evening at 8:00 PM

    In accordance with the directive of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, CrossFit NYC is closing this evening at 8:00 PM and will remain closed as long as the governor’s mandate remains in effect.

    We will extend your membership by the number of days that we remain closed.  (If you have a specific question about your personal situation, you can email us at or, but please allow us up to 48 hours to respond.)

    Since we opened our first location in 2006, we have never been closed for more than a single day. However this is a matter of both law and public safety. With the support of our members, we intend to reopen at the earliest possible date.

    Tomorrow, we will begin publishing workouts on the website for members that can be done at home with minimal equipment. We believe that maintaining your fitness during this time should still be a priority. We would love to see you share your workout results with the CrossFit NYC community on the blog.

    We are grateful to all our members during this difficult time, and we know that our survival as a small business will depend on you returning when this is over.

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