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CrossFit NYC Coaching Mentorship Program (2020)

If you have a passion for CrossFit and an interest in coaching, we would like to invite you to apply for CrossFit NYC’s Coaching Mentorship Program. The ideal candidate will motivated, energetic, passionate about helping others and eager to learn.

This round of the program will run from the beginning of February to mid June 2020. Upon completion of the program, you will have shadowed and assisted 300 hour of Fundamentals, Beginners, All Levels, and Experienced classes at both CFNYC locations (28th and 67th St). In addition to assisting the CFNYC coaching staff, you’ll meet with Coach Sara each week for mentee meetings. The first 8 meetings will focus on functional anatomy. The next four-six weeks will focus on how to teach, cue, and correct the basic CrossFit movements. The final weeks will focus on the fundamentals of coaching small and large group classes and warm up design.

The prerequisites for the program are a current CrossFit Level 1 certification, an interest and availability in coaching full or part-time (you must be able to provide proof of legal authorization to work in the United States), and a love for CrossFit NYC. Candidates do not need to have coached previously, but if you have coaching or personal training experience please let us know. You should be able to commit at least a minimum of 5 hours per week to shadowing and assisting classes. You must also be available to meet with Sara on Sundays from 12-2 PM.

If you would like to schedule an interview, please email Coach Sara at

Upcoming Events and News:

  • Check out this awesome film by CFNYC member, Jennifer Nelson, featuring CFNYC members and Coach Sara Carr. From Jenn:“I’m happy to introduce my short indie film “The Beauty of Strength” that was recently featured at the No Bull Fitness Film Festival. This is definitely a passion project and I hope to make a bigger film on the subject of female strength and beauty! Enjoy and please share!”
  • CFNYC Programming: New Year 2020. Training Cycle Dates: Sunday 1/5 – Saturday 2/9/20 (6 weeks). You can learn more about our current programming by reading this blog post.
  • CrossFit NYC Coaching Mentorship Program (2020)

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