CFNYC Programming Update: Fall into Winter 2019

Training Cycle Dates: Sunday 11/17 – Saturday 12/21/19 (5 weeks)

Sunday: Unilateral

Beginner: Single Leg Drills – isometric and dynamic balance drills, lunge variations, and split squats will make up the bulk of this cycle. Given you’ll be doing front squats the following day, focus on creating a vertical shin to bias recruitment of hamstrings and glutes. Most people know which shoulder functions best – the same isn’t true for the hip. Use can use these unilateral days to discover your weaknesses and address them.

Experienced: Russian Step Up Variations – this will challenge both your single leg strength and your balance. Expect variations that challenge your position as well as allow you to increase load week after week.

Monday: Squat/Press

Beginner: Front Squat culminating into a 3 Rep Max
Week 1: 10-8-6-5-5 (34 total reps)
Week 2: 9-7-5-5-3 (29 total reps)
Week 3: 8-6-4-4-2 (24 reps)
Week 4: 7-5-5-3-2 (22 reps)
Week 5: TEST 3 RM

Experienced: Overhead Squat culminating into a 3 Rep Max. We will begin with tempo variations to develop a good pattern then take the reins off a bit and allow you to push the load week over week.

Tuesday: Hinge/Pull

Beginner: Deadlift/Chin Up – classic pull combination here/posterior chain emphasis day. Given Monday is a heavy day, we’re going to keep the volume higher here and the weights light to moderate. We’ll do this by requiring tempos, pauses, and varying uses of equipment (KB’s, DB’s, etc.). The chin up will culminate into max reps in 3 minutes.

Week 1: Dual Tempo Kettlebell Deadlifts
Week 2: Paused Deadlifts 1 inch from floor
Week 3: Snatch Grip Romanian Deadlifts
Week 4: Dual Kettlebell Sumo Deadlifts

Experienced: Sumo Deadlift culminating into a 3-5 RM
Week 1: 8-6-6-5-4 (29 total reps)
Week 2: 7-7-5-5-3 (27 total reps)
Week 3: 6-6-5-4-3 (24 total reps)
Week 4: 6-5-5-3-2 (21 total reps)
Week 5: TEST 3-5 RM

Thursday: Power Clean

All Levels: Touch and Go, EMOM style, building and/or reducing time
Week 1: “Grace Prep” using push jerks
Week 2: Every 2:00 for 6 sets, 5 Touch and Go Power Cleans, building
Week 3: Every 1:45 for 6 sets, 5 Touch and Go Power Cleans, match last weeks weight
Week 4: Every 1:30 for 6 sets, 5 Touch and Go Power Cleans, match last weeks weight

Friday: Squat and CrossFit Benchmarks

All Levels: We’ll be playing with different tempos with the primary goal of learning to create tension start to finish. Depending on how the cycle is progressing we’ll either build this to a 5-7 RM or finish with a benchmark workout.

Saturday: Press/Pull

Beginner: Overhead Press Complexes to refine push press and jerk technique.

Week 1: 1 Strict Press + 2 Push Press + 3 Push Jerk, building
Week 2: 1 Push Press + 1 Push Jerk + 1 Push Press + 1 Push Jerk, building
Week 3: 2 Push Presses + 2 Push Jerks

Experienced: Bench Press/Strict Pull Up – The bench press will culminate into a 5 RM.

Week 1: Tempo Bench Press (31X1), 5 sets of 5, building
Week 2: Tempo Bench Press (31X1) 5 sets of 5, match or beat last weeks weight
Week 3: Tempo Bench Press (20X1), 4 sets of 6, match or beat last weeks weight