CFNYC Programming Update: Fall 2019 into CrossFit Open

CrossFit Games Open Note: The CrossFit Open begins at the end of the 4th week of this cycle. We will do our best to be consistent with the programming, but will also be at the mercy of the Open programming and logistics. We appreciate your understanding!

Sunday: Press and Pull

Sunday’s have historically been reserved for our more accessory based days (unilateral and straight arm strength focuses with some regularity). In order to accommodate the varied schedules of our members this cycle will focus on a core component of our programming, pressing and pulling.

Beginner: Bench Press (10 Rep Max)
Working towards a 10 rep max will allow from more practice and volume accumulation. An added benefit from improving your bench is a direct carryover of strengthening other horizontal pressing movements, especially push ups. During the bench press your primary focus is creating as much stability in the shoulder girdle as possible by pinning your shoulder blades back and down into the bench.

Experienced: Strict Handstand Push Ups
We started this cycle with a 3 minute AMRAP and will retest the same AMRAP at the end.. Whenever possible you should scale in a way that reflects the handstand position: eccentrics, holds, pikes, etc. rather than external load based movements (i.e. strict press).

Monday: Hinge

Beginner: Deadlift Variations
Every week we’ll focus on a different variation: conventional, kettlebell, dual kettlebell, sumo, landmine, etc. The goal is for you to engrain the overarching principles of the hinge pattern and then apply them to all the different variations. This may also help you discover weaknesses. These variations will be incorporated into conditioning and strength.

Experienced: Power Snatch
We will pull from the floor and keep the volume relatively low to emphasize power and technique. The goal of this cycle is to allow for nuanced and technical coaching that may be lost on members otherwise new to the snatch. We’ll keep the complexes relatively simple most weeks and allow you to fill the class time by working on your technique. These will mostly be performed in a strength setting, but will sometimes show up in the conditioning as well.

Tuesday: Unilateral

Beginner: Split Squat Variations
We will progress from dumbbell to barbell to allow for progressive loading. While this isn’t truly unilateral focus, there is a bias towards one side – so it’s a great place to start. We’ve discussed in length all the advantages of unilateral work but more than anything it forces you to become aware of and work on imbalances. L/R imbalances are considered to be the number one predictor of injury.

Experienced: Walking Lunge Variations (forward/backward/lateral)
We will challenge you with different positions and variations you likely haven’t seen. The goal is to discover weaknesses/areas of opportunity. Left/Right imbalances are considered to be the number one predictor of injury.

Thursday: Clean and Jerk

All Levels (Beginner and Experienced)
The clean and jerk together hasn’t been seen in sometime. We will loosely progress this to a 2 rep max but are primarily focusing on technical development. Expect EMOM type workouts with pauses in multiple positions.

Friday: Pull, Unilateral

All Levels (Beginner and Experienced)
We are committed to getting our members better at pull ups! Pull ups are both a great display of strength and fundamental to a strong back and core. Improving your pull ups will have carryover to a significant number of other movements: toes to bar, muscle ups, deadlifts, cleans, and snatches to name a few!

Saturday: Squat

Beginner: Back Squat
As often as possible we will incorporate moderate to heavy loads in a conditioning based setting and challenge your ability to squat with an elevated heart rate. The goal with these workout is to maintain strong positions under fatigue.

Experienced: Back Squat
We’ll perform cluster sets, jumping variations, superset with box jumps, etc to emphasize speed and power. Loads will be light to moderate. Improving your speed at moderate loads will have a direct correlation to your Olympics lifts (Snatch, Clean and Jerk), as well as other squat variations common in CrossFit: wall balls, goblet squats, thrusters, etc.