CFNYC Programming Update: Spring into Summer 2019

Over the past 6 weeks we’ve been ramping up volume of both pull ups and push ups in anticipation of “Murph” on Memorial Day. We hope you feel ready! However, if you are new or don’t feel super confident, we will have lots of scaling options for “Murph” to ensure every member has a fun and safe experience.

Here are some upcoming highlights of what we skills and movements we are focusing on:

Beginner – Landmine Press
There are a number of advantages to the landmine press variation, most notably are:
Bridges the gap between horizontal press and vertical press
Development of the posterior shoulder stabilizers without inherent risks of vertical press
Less mobility requirements compared to vertical press

Experienced – Dumbbell Bench Press Variations
This will be a higher volume bench press cycle. We prefer higher volume as the heavy loads associated with less reps carry more risk. During the first 2-3 weeks we will build volume and explore different variations before we progress to more traditional options and push load.

Key Benefits to Dumbbell Bench Press:
Opportunity to explore left/right imbalances
Greater shoulder and core stability demand by comparison to barbell
Increased range of motion

Note: Sunday is a day where many members choose to take a Rest Day. As an alternative to the BWOD/EWOD some will attend a specialty class instead (OlyWOD, CFE, Functional Strength, Open Gym) depending on their previous week’s class attendance.

Beginner – Hang Squat Clean
We’ve spent the last 6 weeks working on the Front Squat so you will feel positional improvements in your clean, especially your receiving position. We’re working from the hang so you can continue to focus on the squat – as opposed to the pull – and to limit additional hinging as Friday’s are a heavy deadlift day. This will culminate into a 3 RM hang squat clean.

Experienced – Overhead Squat
The last 12 weeks have been all about the back squat. We’re transitioning into the OHS to focus on technique and alter the loads your body is experiencing. In addition, the mobility and core demands of the OHS will help to develop the Snatch – which will be a staple of our next cycle. This will culminate into a 3 RM OHS.

Beginner – Push Ups
We will vary positions, introduce load, and challenge you with a variety of push up variations. This is one of our most fundamental movements but we don’t regularly develop it outside of a conditioning setting. If you still aren’t able to perform a full range of motion push up or find they crush you in workouts – this is your opportunity to work a weakness.

Experienced – Strict Handstand Push Ups
We will be developing the Strict HSPU by focusing on the following variations: single arm overhead holds, dumbbell presses, handstand walks, crawling, handstand holds, planks, etc.

Specialty Classes – Endurance, Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics

Note: This is a day where many members choose to take a Rest Day since we recommend taking off at least every 2-3 days. As an alternative, you can attend a specialty class. If you workout on Wednesday, consider taking a Rest Day on Thursday or Friday to minimize movement overlap. Please review the programming at the start of each week to make class choices that are best for you.

All Levels – Unilateral Upper/Lower Body
Depending on movements performed on previous days, we will alternate between a unilateral focus of upper and lower body movement, but will trend towards lower body. Some example movements included will be: rear foot elevated split squats, single leg box squats, pistols, lunge variations, and cossack squats. It’s important that you aren’t viewing these movements as simply accessory movements with no larger purpose. Most athletic movements performed outside of the gym are single leg dominant; running, jumping over a puddle, hiking, etc. In addition, single leg work allows you to isolate potential side to side weaknesses. There is a strong correlation between strength of single leg movements and your squat and deadlift.

All Levels – Conventional Deadlifts
This cycle will include high reps with moderate to high percentages and will culminate in a 10 RM Deadlift. Experienced members will be encouraged to reset every rep as this will help you build strength from the floor – particularly the first few inches as that is where position is most often lost. Beginners will perform controlled touch and go reps because the top down tension created encourages proper positioning.

Team and Partner Workouts
Workout and movement selection will be dependent on what was performed in previous days. We will aim to perform team and partner style workouts that are longer time domains. The longer time domains allows us to more specifically target your aerobic system. A well developed aerobic system has the obvious benefit of increasing your endurance but also allows you to recover faster during interval work as well as during your days off.