Sunday-Sunday 190414-21 – Specialty

Sunday 4/14
“Just Breathe”
Partner Workout
30 minute AMRAP:

Partner 1: (timekeeper)
8 Parallette Shoot Thrus (Rx+ with Push Up and Dip)
5/arm TBM Dumbbell Snatch + Strict Press (50/35)
30 Second Dual Kettlebell Deadlift Hold (24/16)

Partner 2: Row for Max Calories

Note: Alternate rounds with your partner.

Wednesday 4/17
“Crazy Eights”
From 0-10 minutes, complete 8 minute AMRAP:
8/arm Kettlebell Push Press (24/16)
8/leg Goblet Kettlebell Reverse Lunges (32/24)
24 Hollow Rocks

From 10-20 minutes, complete 8 minute AMRAP:
80 Toe Taps to Med Ball
16 Med Ball Clean Wall Balls (20/14)

From 20-30 minutes, complete 8 minute AMRAP:
16 Lateral Box Jump Overs (24/20)
8 Toes to Bar
8/leg Strict Box Step Up (24/20)

Functional Strength
Sunday 4/14
10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of:
Devil’s Press (50/35)

*After every set of Devil’s presses complete 100 ft of reverse sled drag.

Sunday 4/21
A. In 10 minutes complete 20 back squats (265/185)

B. In 10 minutes complete 400 ft of heavy farmers carry (330/230)

C. In 10 minutes complete 75 burpees for time

Week 3/4 – Kipping Pull Ups and Core Strength

Looking to improve your toes-to-bar and kipping pull-ups? Come to gymnastics class for the next four weeks and learn how to kip! We will cover proper technique, body positions and drills to achieve a strong and controlled kipping swing. The class will be beginner friendly, but even the most experienced crossfit athlete can stand to practice their kip.

Along with kipping, we will be focusing on abs! Building a stronger midline will help improve your posture, stabilize your lifts and prevent injuries. Expect to be challenged with some more “gymnastics” type core exercises – definitely no ab mat sit ups!

Olympic Weightlifting
Sunday 4/14
Jerk Balance + Jerk – or Drop to Split + Behind Neck Jerk

Jerk Dip

Wednesday 4/17
Tall Snatch

Above Knee Snatch

Sunday 4/21
Tall Clean

Clean Above Knee