Programming After the 2019 CrossFit Open

Whether or not you participated in the CrossFit Open, we hope everyone enjoyed the past week testing some CrossFit benchmarks and seeing all your hard work pay off! This next coming cycle will be 5-6 weeks (3/31 – 5/4 or 5/11/19). We’ve detailed what we are focusing on below:

BWOD – Odd Lunge Variations (mixed rack, contralateral, ipsilateral, single arm barbell, etc.)

EWOD – Split Clean Progression. You can read some of the benefits of this training focus by clicking here.
A focus on technique and balance with low to moderate intensity and load. This is designed so that as we move into our workouts on Monday and Tuesday you will feel ready to ramp up the intensity.

Note: This is a day where many members choose to take a Rest Day. As an alternative to the BWOD/EWOD some will attend a specialty class instead (OlyWOD, CFE, Functional Strength, Open Gym) depending on their previous week’s class attendance.

BWOD – Front Squat
Focus on technique and positions. We want to build a great squat pattern before we transition into a squat clean progression in the following cycle starting in May. We’ll accomplish this by focusing on tempos that slow you down and allow an opportunity to feel every inch of the movement.

EWOD – Back Squat
Focus on building strength and developing comfort under higher percentage loads. This will culminate with testing a 3 RM Back Squat.

BWOD – Conventional Deadlifts (Hinge) and Strict Chin ups (Pull/Grip)
This will culminate in finding a 5 RM Deadlift. The goal of the strict pull ups is to build capacity and strength for “Murph” which will take place May 27th.

EWOD – Staggered Stance Hinge Patterns and Strict Pull Ups
You can read some of the benefits of staggered stance training here.

Specialty Classes – Endurance, Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics

Note: This is a day where many members choose to take a Rest Day since we recommend taking off at least every 2-3 days. As an alternative, you can attend a specialty class. If you workout on Wednesday, consider taking a Rest Day on Thursday or Friday to minimize movement overlap. Please review the programming at the start of each week to make class choices that are best for you.

All Levels – Odd Press and Pull Patterns

You will learn new movements that challenge your shoulder stability and may reveal some left to right side imbalances. Our purpose with these kinds of movements isn’t just the novelty. The shoulder is the most mobile joint in the body so taking additional focus to develop stability is paramount for injury prevention. These movements will force you to learn proper use of the intrinsic muscles of the shoulder and most importantly, how to properly position shoulder (aka keep the ball in the socket!)

All Levels – Snatch/Split Jerk, Benchmark Testing

We will alter each week between Snatch and Split Jerk technique. As time permits, we will also attempt to test the following CrossFit Benchmark “Girls”: Karen, Cindy, Jackie, and Fran.

BWOD and EWOD – Right after the Open is traditionally considered “off season” in CrossFit. Because of that we’ll be using Saturdays to take a step back and build up your aerobic capacity (longer workouts, often partner or team structured). We’ll also be practicing some more advanced gymnastics movements. This will vary week to week depending on what was done in the days prior.