Programming During the 2019 CrossFit Open

We want to provide members with a bit more information about how the gym programming will function during the 5 weeks of the CrossFit Games Open (February 21st to March 25th, 2019), so you can plan your workouts accordingly.

As detailed in an earlier post, the CrossFit Open workout is announced at 8 PM every Thursday evening starting February 21st. That workout will be programmed for all of the CrossFit Open classes on Friday (starting in the afternoon), Saturday, and Monday. As a friendly reminder, you need to be registered for the CrossFit Open to participate in the CrossFit Open classes. In these CrossFit Open classes, you will be judged according to the workout standard (RX or Scaled) and submit a score for each workout.

For members who are not participating in the Open, there will be All Levels class programmed for Friday AND Saturday. Ideally, the Friday All Levels class will roughly mirror the Open workout to prevent too much movement overlap moving into Saturday. However, we cannot guarantee we will do the same workout or with the same equipment and standards since we do not know what the workouts are in advance, nor do we know how they will fit into our pre-programmed week. Therefore, it’s imperative you register for the CrossFit Open and sign up for an CrossFit Open class if you want the option to do those workouts as written.

For the regular CFNYC programming, during the 5 weeks of the Open we will be focusing on:

BWOD/EWOD – Unilateral Movements

A focus on technique and balance with low to moderate intensity and loading. This is designed to prevent excessive fatigue as we move into Monday’s squats and might be a good recovery workout for those who are not taking a Rest Day after a Saturday Open workout.

Note: This is a day where many members choose to take a Rest Day. As an alternative to the BWOD/EWOD some will attend a specialty class instead (OlyWOD, CFE, Functional Strength, Open Gym) depending on the previous week’s class attendance.

BWOD – Back Squat – Focus on technique and positions. This will culminate in finding a 5 RM Back Squat on March 18th.

EWOD – Back Squat – Focus on building volume under heavy loads. This will culminate with testing a 10 RM Back Squat on March 18th.

“Last Chance” CrossFit Open Class – Select Morning and Afternoon classes only (RX or Scaled)

BWOD/EWOD – Upper Body Pressing and Pulling

We will alternate between overhead pressing and pulling (think strict press, push jerk, pull ups, etc.) and horizontal pressing and pulling (think push up, bench press, rows, etc.)

Specialty Classes – Endurance, Olympic Weightlifting, Gymnastics

Note: This is a day where many members choose to take a Rest Day since we recommend taking off at least every 2-3 days. As an alternative, you can attend a specialty class. If you workout on Wednesday, consider taking a Rest Day on Thursday or Friday to minimize movement overlap. Please review the programming at the start of each week to make class choices that are best for you.

All Levels – Sumo Deadlifts

Prepping hips and learning technique for future sumo deadlift cycle. Low intensity to make sure members are fresh moving into Open workout on Friday which tends to be higher volume.

All Levels – Open Dependent
CrossFit Open Class – Open Workout (RX or Scaled)

All Levels – Open Dependent
CrossFit Open Class – Open Workout (RX or Scaled)