11/4/18 – How To: Handstands (28th Street)

    Looking to get a handstand against the wall or in pursuit of that freestanding handstand like Coach David? We’ve got you covered!

    HOW TO: HANDSTANDS next Sunday 11/4 at 28th street

    Coach Steph and Coach Mark will work with you to get you there. This class will include instruction in handstand progressions you can practice on your own.

    We will be conducting two handstand workshops for beginners and experienced athletes. Beginners need no prior experience with handstands. Those taking the experienced handstand class should already have a solid wall handstand.

    We are opening this class up to both UWS and 28th street members. If you are an UWS member and want to sign up, you will need to email info@crossfitnyc.com to be added to the class.

    Due to the amount of hands on instruction, space is limited to 12 members per class. Please make sure you can actually attend the session before signing up! Any questions? Please email avery@crossfitnyc.com.

    9 AM – How To: Handstands (Experienced)

    10 AM – How To: Handstands (Beginner)