New 3 Month Course: “Life Outside the Gym”

A sustainable ramp up to becoming the healthiest version of yourself!

Come Check out “Life Outside the Gym” during a Free Information Session with Erica on September 30th!!

Erica will be at 67th street for a 12 PM Session: Sign up HERE. (Reservations Open 9/23/18 at 12 PM)

Erica will be at 28th street for a 2 PM Session: Sign up HERE. (Reservations Open 9/23/18 at 2 PM)

What does the “Life Outside the Gym” course entail?
– Group health coaching classes for up to 12 people.

– Biweekly 1-hour long classes meeting for six Sundays at 2 PM (10/7, 10/21, 11/4, 11/18, 12/2, 12/16) at the 28th st location.

– Each class will be followed up with a detailed email summarizing what was taught, all action items to work on, and include any necessary resources and attachments.

– Private Facebook group to share questions, experiences, and enlist support and accountability.

What is small group health coaching?

We will address the elements of health outside of the gym including nutrition, sleep, recovery from exercise, stress management, goal setting, and beyond. Our focus will be on the “compound lifts” of wellness, while offering tons of ways to “scale” it to any individual’s unique lifestyle and goals. Every class I will give you new learning and action steps to work on over the following two week period. Each class builds off of the prior one. The goal of the program is to teach you the tools and strategies to continue to improve your diet and lifestyle long after we’re done working together, so that it is sustainable!

Potential Benefits of completing this course:
– Weight loss and improved body composition
– Improved performance in the gym
– Increased mental clarity and focus
– Improved mood and energy
– Greater fulfillment in life
– Decreased stress
– Less reactive attitude
– Improved sleep
– Improved disease markers such as blood lipid levels and blood pressure
– Improved symptoms from autoimmunity such as ezcema or arthritis
– Clearer skin, brighter eyes, and overall appearance
– Be part of a like-minded community!
– You can read testimonials HERE.

How much does the course cost? $199

How to do I sign up?

If you are ready to commit now, then you can sign up on Zen Planner HERE.

Who is Coach Erica?
Erica has a BS in Exercise Science from Central Connecticut State University where she played four years of D1 soccer. She has been coaching CrossFit since 2012 and is a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Erica works with her clients to develop sustainable, diet and lifestyle change, and is on a mission to help people make healthy their new normal with her company Life Meets Health, which is a holistic approach to wellness. Find her on Instagram and Facebook.

Questions? Please email