9/9/18 – September OUT-FIT Mock Oly Meet

You’ve been working hard on improving your Snatch + Clean and Jerk. Here is your chance to test your strength.

OUT-FIT is hosting a non-sanctioned mock Oly meet.

The event will be run like a sanctioned meet: three attempts in the Snatch and then three attempts in the Clean and Jerk. We will be judging using the Sinclair formula. We recognize that many of the athletes attending have never been to an oly meet. We encourage everyone interested to participate this time around. It will give you the experience and confidence to understand the process and have benchmark numbers for the next meet, which we expect to be in January 2019.

Singlets are not required but highly encouraged! If you’re interested in getting an OUT-FIT personalized singlet reach out to Coach Todd.

Event: OUT-FIT Mock Oly Meet
Date: Sunday, Sept 9th
Start Time: 1 pm
Location: CrossFit NYC Flatiron
Cost: $7
Head Judge: Brian Degennaro
Judging Formula: Sinclair

Get your tickets HERE

If you have any questions feel free to email Coach Todd – Todd@out-fit.org.

Here are some helpful links to prepare for the meet:
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