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Dan and Jen warming up together for Olympic Weightlifting class

Announcement for July
In 2012 when we opened the Second Floor at 28th Street (and still had two small floors at 26th Street) our total monthly rent, taxes, and utilities for both locations was about $50,000 for about 1000 Flatiron members. In 2018, rents and taxes have grown dramatically. We now have the Second and Third Floor at 28th Street, and our total monthly rent, taxes, and utilities are about $100,000 for 800 Flatiron members. We do not want to keep raising rates to cover these costs.

We think we can do a far better job of maximizing value for our members by making a few smart changes to our schedule and consolidating on the Second Floor. The schedule will be virtually unchanged from Wednesday-Sunday (there may be some very minor shifts of a class here or there). The main changes that will occur are highlighted in detail in this post.

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  • Merlyne

    Triple 3
    About 51 minutes v. 54:17 on 8/2/16 (didn’t do it last year). Row: ~14:30, DU: ~4:10; Run ~32 minutes.

  • Lauren S

    triple 3’s done with the run to MSP and 5 loops, because that’s how I’ve done it the previous 3 times. 39:54. Looks like two years ago, it was in 42:00 or so. I’ll take it.

  • Where’s McArdle?

    Triple 3: no time, clock was turned off mid wod. Row just under 12, dub 5:22 ish (50-50 then 30s and in the 20s), ran pretty hard – made it hurt. Back and hips tight.

    Last time pasted below.

    Wod: started at 5, finish at 52:50 ish, but locked out for a bit, so <47:50
    Row: 12:00 ish
    Dubs: 7 ish i think? in 30s (finish around 24 I think so 19 ish with late start)
    Run: kinda slow. High school me would be ashamed.

  • BenFund (Hobie’s Dad)

    Triple 3: 38:03 – 5 laps of Madison Square Park
    Row in 11:12, Dubs in sets of 50, run with one foot in front of the other