Sunday/Monday 1805013-14 – Experienced

Cluster Front Squats 4×2.2.2, across

Compare to last week. 1 set less than last week, if possible, increase from last week. We are starting to reduce volume of cluster front squats, which will culminate in a 1 RM test on June 24th and 25th.

Core Conditioning
12 minute alternating EMOM:
Minute 1 – 3-5 Toes to Bar + 10 second L-hang
Minute 2 – 15 second/leg Single Leg Wall Sit
Minute 3 – 3 Tall Box Jumps (36/30) + Max Effort Wall Balls (25/16)
Minute 4 -15 second/side Side Star Plank

Here’s what’s on tap for Tuesday’s Experienced classes:

3-4 sets, as time permits:
A1. 6-8 Tempo Push ups (4141)
A2. 8-10 Pike ups on Rower
A3. 12-15 Unbroken Strict Chest to Bar Pull ups (use bands or rings, if needed)

Team Conditioning
Teams of 3, every 90 seconds, for 5 sets, each person will complete:
1 sub-0:45 250/200 m Row
Max Effort Unbroken Double Unders

Rest while your teammates both complete a round.