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Such a great turnout this past Sunday at the OUT-FIT April WOD. Over 90 athletes from 11+ different boxes attended. Thank you to all of the athletes that spent their morning with us. See you in June!
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Sunday, June 10th at 10 AM

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  • Lauren S

    That quick am grind –
    Jumped down to part b – 13:10. T2B ub, cleans in 2 sets for first 2 weights, then 3 for 153, singles for 173 and 183. Aggressively narrow hands and a stretch at the top of each hspu. UB, but fell off the wall twice. Confident I made the standard because my triceps were what gave in at the end.
    Back up to a – 35, 40, 45 for three full lengths. Unsure if that was a max.
    Ass bike cool down.

  • Where’s McArdle?

    Wu: done
    Press: 112.5-127.5-142.5×5
    Sn: 130-140-150 (had to redo complex, chucked over head)-160-165 which was dicey
    Cj: 14 by way of 2’s. Should have tried some 3’s.
    Ttb: 80 by way of 12s and 13s to 50 ish then some 10s and smaller sets to finish
    Other crap: done

  • Lauren S

    compy done
    WU: done
    A: strict press – 83 for 5, 93 for 3, 103 for 3. Stopped after three because the lean back was gonna get real.
    B: snatches at 98, 108, 115, 123, 125.5, remembered to do the pull-ups eventually
    C: 20 clean and jerks at 123, 55 T2B.
    D: thirst trappin done.

  • ClaudiaQ

    A. Strict press
    5@63, 3@73, 5@80.5

    B.worked up to 70.5

    C. Got 15 Power clean and push jerk at 103. Use 6” drop pads next time

    D. Got 49 T2B

    E. Yup