Tuesday – 180313 – Photo of the Day

Congratulations to our newest Fundamentals grads!

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  • nat d

    Hi I did 18.3 on Friday at 5pm and immediately logged my score and I am concerned that my score has still not been verified. Others who did it after me have had their scores verified. Please let me know what the hold up is. Thanks!

  • Lauren S

    WU: done
    A: from 83 up to 173 on the push press. Maybe a PR? Dunno the last time we went heavy on that. Maybe 5 more pounds that could go on the bar. Maybe not.
    B: 5:26. Low back didn’t blow up for once.
    C: done 95

  • Where’s McArdle?

    Wu: done
    A: 135 – 225 in 10s
    B: 8:14. Meltdown city
    C: 105-115-125 I think; though switched hands 2/3 rounds cause I’m an idiot.