Winter Storm Schedule (updated 9 PM 3/7/18)

Cancellations and Schedule Changes for Thursday 3/8/18 

As of 9 PM Wednesday 3/7/18, the only class canceled tomorrow morning is 5:30 AM.

As of 11 AM Wednesday 3/7/18, these 28th classes are canceled (please check Zen and your email for latest updates):

  • Meaghan’s 5:20 PM, 7:30 PM CFE
  • Erica’s 7:00 PM Functional Strength, 8:00 PM CFE
  • Brian’s 7:30 PM BBB
  • The last workout at 28th street will be a 6:30 PM CFE with Coach Erica (Off-Peak for today)

As of 10 PM Tuesday 3/6/18:

  • 28th Street will open at 7:00 AM
  • Active Recovery at 12 PM is canceled (28th street).
  • 67th Street will open at 6:50 AM

It is often difficult to predict when we may need to cancel classes. Therefore, during those times when cancellations are a possibility, please note the following:

  • Please check your emails and/or the website for the latest updates (before you head to class)
  • If you head to either location without a class reservation, there is a possibility you may arrive to find that a class has been canceled
  • Therefore it is especially important that you register for classes whenever the weather is questionable.
It is important that you follow the guidelines above. It is not practical for us to email every member each time we cancel a few classes. We will contact everyone who registered for any canceled classes.

We always do our best to keep you updated about cancellations here on the blog. For any winter storm cancellations, we will also have a post up in the “Announcements” section of the blog. It will be updated frequently with these cancellations, delays and/or closing.