3/11/18 – Nutrition 201 with Coach Erica

The view from Coach Erica’s last nutrition seminar.

The Nutrition 101 was all about what the basic foundations of sound nutrition. What to eat, how much, and, depending on one’s goals when to eat. Based on popular demand the Nutrition 201 class was designed to help you understand how to implement that prescription in real life!

We’ll cultivate our awareness of how food makes us feel and effects our performance in and out of the gym. We’ll also talk about easy ways to track what we’re eating to find nutritional holes in our diets. For example, do you eat what feels like a lot, but still feel hungry all the time? In this case, you are might be deficient with a certain micro or macro nutrient.

We’ll also cover practical tips on how to set ourselves up for success like how to meal prep at home for the week, how to navigate a super market, a bodega, Chelsea Market, and any restaurant menu you can think of.

As always, Erica will have an assortment of healthy stuff to drink and munch for all attendees.

Finally, if you missed out on Nutrition 101, don’t sweat it, Nutrition 201 is for all members. We’ll cover the basics before we get rolling and there will always be time for your specific questions. And, if you can’t make it, worry not – we will offer this seminar again in a month or two.

Reservation open Sunday 3/4/18 at 1:15 PM.

Click HERE to register.

When:  1:15 PM Sunday March 11th
Where: 28th Street
Who: Coach Erica has a BS in Exercise Science from Central Connecticut State University where she played D1 soccer. She has coached CrossFit since 2012 and is a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Erica works with her clients to develop sustainable, diet and lifestyle change, and is on a mission to help people make healthy their new normal with her company Life Meets Health.