2/3,10,17/18 – Three February Muscle Up Seminars

Muscle Up prep for The Open and beyond.

We will be offering 3 Muscle Up Seminars, one on each of the next 3 Saturdays in February, for members of any skill level.We all know that technique is the key to your first muscle-up. These seminars will introduce you to drills and progressions you can use to move toward completing this skill. It will also help you gain comfort on the rings, enabling you to approach the movement with confidence.

If you’ve never done a muscle-up before, but have been doing crossfit for at least 6 months, this seminar is for you (ladies, don’t be shy)!

To ensure each athlete receives meaningful coaching, the class size is capped at 12. The seminar will run from 10-11:15 am – please have adequately warmed up your shoulders for kipping before class begins. Contact Coach Lauren (saxton.lauren@gmail.com) with any questions.

Seminar registration will open 7 days prior to their date.

February 3rd (Ring Muscle Up)
February 10th** (Bar Muscle Up) – **must be able to do 3 strict pull-ups OR a kipping Chest to Bar pull up**
February 17th  (Ring Muscle Up)

NEW Session added for 2/17 at 11:30 AM!
February 17th – Second Session for Ring Muscle Ups!

CHECK IT OUT: We just added a last minute Bar Ring Muscle up session for 2/10 at 11:30 AM!