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Anne judging her man Dan during the final workout of the 2017 Open.

Schedule reminder: Due to the holiday, Sunday and Monday’s classes will be All Levels.

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  • Stephanie

    Sunday Fitness – Coach Brian’s oly class + sat comp-ish
    A: hang snatch pull + hang snatch, 4×3: 33-53-63-73
    B: hang snatch, 6×1: 83-93-103-108(f)-108-108
    C: snatch grip push press(with 3s hold on last rep), 5×5: 63-73-83-93-103
    D: 10 min ass bike: 72 cals
    E: 3 rounds:
    10 ring rows
    10s bottom of the ring dip hold
    5 ring dips
    F: 20 kip swings

  • Where’s McArdle?

    Sat wod on Sunday:
    Wu: done minus one arm ring rows? Huh?
    Ass 100: 6:11. Went out hot at 80s/70s and paid the price hard. Last 50+ in the mid 60s
    Wod: 10+11 (1 dead and 10 ttb). Strapped up croissant face’s belt after two rounds. Ttb ub after first round and burps would take about a minute.
    Other crap: done with a vest of an unknown weight.
    Swings: so bad that Avery asked what is wrong with me and took a video.

  • Lauren S

    MLK day special
    WU: scavenged it
    A: 108-113-118-123-123f-123. Back started lighting up.
    B: 193 across. Back was a freaking Christmas tree.
    C: 5:10. Beat the boys by using my legs on the PCs.
    D: 3:08. Ben reminded me the open could still be competitive.

  • Where’s McArdle?

    Wu: done
    Snatch: 135-155 in 5’s
    Squat: 285. Last round did a 4-1
    Wod 1: 4:17. Pulls were hard and chippy
    Wod 2: 2:30. Ctb 3 sets or so.

    Feelin those deads.

  • Dré

    WU: Done
    A: 140, 140, 145, 150, 150
    B: 275#
    C: 5:12
    D: 3:55

  • Merlyne

    Monday Comp
    WU: Done
    A: 93(2)-98-103-018
    B: 205#
    C: 7:25
    D: 5:43