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  • Lauren S

    WU: done
    A: 6:41. Kept the RPM at 63-64 until the last ten, wasn’t too terrible.
    B: 8+21. Did two rounds at 273, then had to drop to 263. Just, frustration.
    C: done w/that 10lb life vest
    D: kip swings done.

  • Jorge Baron Munoz

    WU: done
    A: 9 min AMRAP
    5 S2O 115lb
    10 DL 115lb
    15 24″ box step ups
    5 rounds + 26
    immediately after find a 1RM snatch
    155 power snatch

    B: 4 rounds not for time of:
    20 Alternating Front Rack Box Step Ups 45lb
    30 second Overhead Barbell Hold 95lb
    about 60 to 70s for FRBSUs and ub holds

    WU: done
    A: 100 assbike cals for time – 6:39 RPM between 65-80

    B: Marston
    20min AMRAP
    1 DL 405lb
    10 t2b
    15 bar facing burpee
    RX – 7 + 17
    DL’s were fine, T2B 4,3,3 the whole time, burpees very slowly… next time gonna go faster on burpees

    C: 10 weighted ring rows
    10s bottom of dip hold
    5 strict dips
    20lb vest, did it E2MOM style, rows broken into two sets of 5, hold straight into dips all UB

    D: 40 ring dip kips then 40 mups ring swing kips… wasn’t sure which one we were supposed to do so just did both, kinda liked practicing ring dip kips

  • Dré

    Lots of heavy snatch practice today
    95, 135, 155, 185, 185X, 185X, 185, 190, 195, 200, 200, 205X, 205 (5#PR), 210X, 210 (5# PR)
    Cardio: 100 ME AB Cals for time: 6:49