Friday 180112 – Photo of the Day

Registration for The CrossFit Open is open! We thought we’d celebrate by retesting the first workout from the 2015 season.

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  • Lauren S

    compy version of today’s wod
    5 STO – 73
    10 deads – 73
    15 box jumps
    then 1RM snatch
    Made 138, sat underneath 148, but let it slip a little too far back to stand up.

  • Where’s McArdle?

    13.2 kinda: 8 plus 2 or 3 sto. I think 2 but confused. Bj / sd versus su below.
    Snatch: 175 (135-155-175 sotts press-180 f x 2, with one as a last ditch effort. Leaning back like an a-hole).
    Other crap: done

    Previous 13.2 @ 10 minutes:

    9 plus 13 (8 deadlifts) at 115. Did step up drop down, and my legs were absolutely fried. Maybe try some step downs or jump ups too? Unsure.

    231 in 2013, a few months into crossfit career. My only note was “sucked”

  • Stephanie

    Friday Comp
    A. 9 min AMRAP:
    5 s2o 73#
    10 deadlift 73#
    15 box jumps
    B: 6 min to find 1RM snatch: 83-93-103-113(failed)
    I’m out of shape – was breathing way too hard on the box jumps and failed a snatch weight I should have been able to make 🙁

    C: 4 rounds:
    20 alt bench step ups 35#
    30s overhead barbell hold 65#

  • BenFund (Hobie’s Dad)

    Comp WOD
    8 rounds even, 225 Snatch
    Did the other stuff too