Thursday-Saturday 180111-13 – Experienced

Thursday 1/11
Barbell Cycling
In 3 attempts, find 10 RM Hang Power Clean.

Accessory Strength
3-5 rounds for quality:
A1.) 5/leg Overhead Reverse Lunges, increasing (from the rack)
A2.) 5×25-50 ft’ Handstand Walking (Scaled: Box Walks or Shoulder Taps)

All Levels Friday 1/12
“CrossFit Open 15.1 A”
9 minute AMRAP:
15 Toes to Bar
10 Deadlifts (115/75)
5 Snatches (115/75)

“CrossFit Open 15.1 B”
Find Max Clean and Jerk in 6 minutes.

Saturday 1/13
3 rounds of 1 minute at each station:
Rest 2 minutes after each round.

Station 1: ME Back Squat (225/155)
Station 2: ME Wall Walks
Station 3: ME Double Unders
Station 4: ME Kettlebell Push Press (30 seconds per side)(24/16)

Here’s what’s on tap for Sunday and Monday’s Experienced classes:

Sunday 1/14 and Monday 1/15 – All Levels
Snatch – Technical practice with PVC or Empty Bar

Experienced: Snatch Pulls 5×3, increasing
Beginner: Snatch Deadlift 5×3, increasing

Core Conditioning
4 rounds of 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest:
Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers
Plank Hold
Russian Twist with Mountain Climbers
Shoulder Taps (in Plank or Handstand)

4 rounds of 20 seconds work/10 seconds rest:
Side Plank Left
V-ups or Tuck ups
Side Plank Right
Jump Switch Lunges