Sunday-Tuesday 170107-09 – Experienced

Sunday 1/7 and Monday 1/8
In 3 attempts, find 10 RM Thruster, from the floor.

Open Prep: Skill Work
3 rounds for max reps:
90 seconds Wall Balls (20/14)
90 seconds Rest

Note: Normal RX’d weight you’ll likely see in the CrossFit Open. Rather than scaling up, try to do more reps.

Benchmark Conditioning
For time:
500 m Row (max effort)

Tuesday 1/9
10 minute AMRAP:
50 Double Unders
10/Arm Kettlebell Snatches (24/16)
10 Handstand Pushups (Kip Okay)

Rest 2 Minutes

10 minute AMRAP:
15 Burpees
15 Med Ball Cleans (20/14)
15 Box Jump Overs (24/20)

Here’s what’s on tap for Thursday’s Experienced classes:

Thursday 1/11
Barbell Cycling
In 3 attempts, find 10 RM Hang Power Clean.

Accessory Strength
3-5 rounds for quality:
A1.) 5/leg Overhead Reverse Lunges, increasing (from the rack)
A2.) 5×25-50 ft’ Handstand Walking (Scaled: Box Walks or Shoulder Taps)