Thursday-Saturday 171109-11 – Experienced

Thursday 11/9
Find 10 RM Back Squat in 20-25 minutes.

“David’s Idea”
10 minute alternating EMOM:
Even minutes: 10 Burpee Box Jump Overs (24/20)
Odd minutes: 10 Toes to Bar

All Levels Friday 11/10
Find 1 RM Clean and Jerk.

We’ll be doing the CrossFit Lift-Off events on November 30-December 4th. This is a great opportunity to set a benchmark for this lift then compare your result later in the month.

Saturday 11/11
Partner Conditioning
“One Republic”
19 minute AMRAP:
18 Wall balls (25/16) (Rx+ 30/20)
18 Shoulder to Overhead (155/115)
18 Plate Ground to Overhead (45/25)
18 Chest to Bar Pull ups (RX+ = 9 Bar Muscle ups)

Partition reps as desired with your partner, one person working at a time.

Followed by…
3 rounds of:
3 minutes Row for Meters (Hold a split 20 s slower than 500 m Row PR)
3 minutes Rest

Here’s what’s on tap for Sunday and Monday’s Experienced classes:

Sunday 11/12 and Monday 11/13
Back Squat 5×4, increasing

12 minute EMOM:
Minute 1: Handstand Box Walk (360⁰ in each direction)
Minute 2: 25 second per arm Single Arm Plank
Minute 3: 4-6 per leg Front Rack Double Kettlebell Reverse Lunges (2×24/2×16)

Rx+: Sub 25-100 ft Handstand Walk for Box Walk.