11/18/17 – Advanced Ring Muscle-Up Seminar with Coach Lauren

Do you struggle to string together muscle-ups on the rings, especially when fatigued? Coach Lauren is teaching a seminar on Saturday, November 18th, for athletes who are looking to refine their muscle-up technique.

To be eligible for this class, male athletes must be able to complete two UB kipping ring mups while fresh. Female athletes must be able to complete one ring mup, strict or kipping.

The 75-minute class will focus on maximizing the kip and correctly timing the drop from the locked out position into the swing. In order to ensure each athlete receives personalized instruction, attendance will be capped at 12 participants.

Register HERE on November 11th. Don’t worry, we’ll bring this seminar back again soon!




  • Alex Behrman

    Are there any plans for a beginner seminar?

    • Avery W

      Hi Alex, Absolutely there are plans in the works for beginners as well.

      • Emkay


    • ClaudiaQ

      I second that! I would love to work on getting A muscle up

  • ClaudiaQ

    I think there are a bunch of us who would love to get to the point where we’d need an advanced ring muscle up seminar. I think for women it’s particularly hard to get to the point where we can take our pull ups to muscle ups (bar or ring) It’d be great to have a seminar to help bridge that gap. I’m even game for doing some homework if need be.