Want to increase energy and productivity in and out of the gym? Control inflammation!

Written by Erica Celini

Think about a day when you are completely slammed at work with too many tasks to get done in one day. You’re working hard all day long barely getting by and your energy is dragging. This continues to happen day after day with no end in sight until you feel completely burnt out.

Now think about what would happen if some of your work load was decreased. This would free up energy and resources so you could finish all your outstanding project and start on some new ones – your overall productivity would increase.

The same thing happens in your body’s cells and their response to harmful stimuli. When they get slammed with too many tasks to get done in one day, they are unable to maintain homeostasis or balance and they stop functioning as well as they should. Inflammation is the body’s response to harmful stimuli like pathogens or irritants and it can be acute (ie. swelling from an ankle sprain) or chronic (ie. arthritis, auto-immune reactions). When there is an abundance of inflammation it causes a disproportionate amount of energy to be used to fight it. That means you won’t be able to function at your highest level.

What are some of the common signs of systemic inflammation?
Do you sleep eight hours a night, but still wake up very tired?
Do you take rest days, but don’t feel recovered from your workouts? (Always sore)
Do you experience bloating or gastrointestinal distress after eating?

What are some common causes?
Food sensitivities (Gluten and dairy are common examples)
Poor nutrition (Too many processed foods and not enough whole foods)
Lack of sleep
Under-recovery from training
Lack of stress management

How can we combat this and improve our performance in and out of the gym?
In Nutrition 101, we’ll discuss some easy nutritional and lifestyle strategies you can implement in your life right away, no matter how busy you are or what your starting point is.

When you begin to get inflammation under control, amazing things start to happen. My clients report increased energy, less reliance on caffeine, sleeping like a baby, decreases in sugar cravings, improved performance in the gym, increased mental clarity and focus with work.

Want to learn more about Nutrition? Erica will be leading a Nutrition 101 Seminar Saturday November 4th at 28th Street. All members are welcome.

Coach Erica has a B.S. in Exercise Science from Central Connecticut State University where she played D1 soccer. She has been coaching CrossFit since 2012 and is a certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. Erica works with her clients to develop sustainable, diet and lifestyle change, and is on a mission to help people make healthy their new normal.