CrossFit NYC Business Partner: ToasTeam

CrossFit NYC is pleased to announce our newest business partnership with ToasTeam, a specialty sandwich company owned and operated by Black Box member Tal!

Currently their sandwiches are available at the Hester Street Fair and in Bryant Park Market.

ToasTeam’s mission statement:
We are creating our own “Healthy-grilled-cheese-panini” with our homemade sauces and a healthy twist. At home, we called them “toasts”, and they are full of our Mediterranean flavors. Our “toasts” are the new version of the traditional grilled cheese, panini, and toasts all mashed into one mouth-watering deliciousness. This is what we ate at home, so we decided to bring it to the mass crowd for a spin. We are here to change the way people see grilled sandwiches. Our “Toasts” are healthy, full of fresh vegetables and low on calories. All of our toasts are vegetarian and can be consumed morning, noon and night. We truly believe in healthy life style, therefore, for those who are really worried, we have gluten-free and vegan options as well. They are crunchy, light and filling all at the same time with cheese melting all around, so this makes them irresistible.