New 7:30PM OlyWOD on UWS with Coach Sara

The newest addition to the UWS box schedule is an OlyWOD on Wednesday at 7:30PM with Coach Sara!

Consider OlyWOD as a supplement to your Beginner or Experienced Crossfit training. The focus is on learning both the basics of Olympic weightlifting and new skills, so that you may improve your WOD times, weight lifting, and comfort level with the Olympic lifts. We recommend replacing one of your WODs for the day with this class, instead of doubling up.

This class is open to any member who is familiar with the Snatch, Clean, and Jerk, but has been struggling with learning the movements or is looking to gain a training edge, as Olympic Lifting is seen in nearly half of all “classic” CrossFit WODs. It is strongly suggested that you are proactive about furthering your knowledge of the Olympic lifts if you did not have experience in these complex movements before coming to Crossfit NYC.

Note: You need to complete Post-Elements #1 (Snatch) and Post-Elements #2 (Clean and Jerk) before signing up for OlyWOD if you are a recent graduate of Elements or have been CrossFitting for less than 3 months.