*New* CrossFit Teens Classes at UWS!

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Spots are currently available for our CrossFit Teens Program!

CrossFit Teens will follow a specialized version of our Beginners programming, which will develop the 10 general physical attributes trained in CrossFit (cardiovascular and respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance and accuracy). Fundamentals will focus on mastering basic bodyweight movements first. Classes will introduce basic CrossFit movements (i.e. wallballs, barbell lifts, box jumps, etc) as they gain more experience and confidence.

This is a new endeavor for CrossFit NYC, and we do not have all the details on how this program will develop. To begin, we will be offering a free Fundamentals course to the teenage children of our members and their friends and family.

Thereafter, the price will be $199 per month for three, one hour classes per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

If you are the parent of a teenager of you would like to refer a teenager, for free Fundamentals, here is the procedure:

1. Send an email to Henry@CrossFitNYC.com with the subject “Teen Referral”
Copy the teenager you are referring and the parent or guardian, if you are not referring your own teen.

2. We will ask all parents or guardians to meet with us and discuss their teen’s goals and sign a waiver.

The Fundamentals classes take place Tuesday and Thursday’s at 4:30pm.

CrossFit Teen classes take place Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s at 4:30pm.

All CrossFit Teens classes are taught by Coach Sara Carr and Henry Reyes. Sara has been a trainer since 2007 and a CrossFit Coach since 2009. She has been privately training kids from the ages of 12-17 for the past 8 years. Henry is a High School Physical Education teacher and has worked with kids of all ages from Elementary to High School levels for the past 9 years. As an educator, Henry’s biggest goal is to motivate and inspire students to develop a love for physical movement despite the difficulties many children face when it comes to lack of regular exercise and basic nutrition education.

For any questions about kids or our CrossFit Teens program, please email teens@crossfitnyc.com