Winter Storm Update (11:35 AM Tuesday 3/14/17)

UPDATE (as of 11 AM on Tuesday):
Good news! We are open as of 12:00 PM at BOTH locations (subject to minor schedule changes). Please check your email and Zen Planner for schedule changes. Also, please cancel any reservations you don’t intend to keep. Thank you!

  •  6:30 PM eWOD is canceled at 28th street with Coach Brian
  • BBB will start an hour earlier at 6:30 PM at 28th street

UPDATE (as of 2:30 PM on Monday):
We are canceling all Tuesday morning classes (3/14/17)
The first class of the day at each location is currently scheduled for 12:00 PM.
If there are further cancellations, they will be announced at or before 10:00 AM on Tuesday.

Tomorrow, Tuesday 3/14/17, we are opening 28th street at 7 AM and 67th street location at 6:50 AM.All early AM classes will be canceled and anyone with a reservation will be notified by email.


It is difficult to predict when we may need to cancel classes. Therefore, during those times when cancellations are a possibility, please note the following:

  • If you are registered for a class that is cancelled, we will email you at least 90 minutes in advance.
  • Please check your emails and/or the website for the latest updates (before you head to class)
  • If you head to either location without a class reservation, there is a possibility you may arrive to find that a class has been canceled
  • Therefore it is especially important that you register for classes whenever the weather is questionable.

It is important that you follow the guidelines above. It is not practical for us to email every member each time we cancel a few classes. We will contact everyone who registered for any canceled classes.

We always do our best to keep you updated about cancellations here on the blog. For any winter storm cancellations, please refer to this post in the “Announcements” section of the blog. It will be updated frequently with these cancellations, delays and/or closing.