3/25/17 – Close of the 2017 Open Party

CrossFit NYC’s annual Close Of The Open party will be held Saturday, March 25!

Who: All CFNYC members, friends, and lovers.
Where: 28th Street
When: 4pm till about 8pm at the box, then to Stout for the after party and karaoke.
What: Kettlebell Kitchen buffet, Doughnut Plant, PIZZA, Sierra Nevada Beer, Kill Cliff, Perfect Bar snacks

The festivities and refreshments will come out at 4pm. The after party will begin at Stout from 8pm. Don’t worry: karaoke starts at 10pm.

As is our custom we will have a tremendous amount of beer from our friends at Sierra Nevada and a hearty pile of doughnuts from Doughnut Plant. This year we will also have a buffet from Kettlebell Kitchen as well as Perfect Bar samples.  ;).