The 2017 CrossFit Open (Part 1)

Upcoming: The 2017 CrossFit Open


The next phase of our programming starts in about three weeks, as we get ready for the 2017 CrossFit Open. If you’ve never heard of the CrossFit Open, here is an article by Coach Avery on the CrossFit Games site that explains in details why you might want to participate this year.

Every year we use the Open as a “testing” phase of our yearly programming cycle. While regularly perform classic CrossFit benchmark workouts throughout the year (i.e. 1 RM Back Squat, 1 RM Snatch, “Fran”, “Cindy”), this is the time to see how CFNYC members perform compared to other CrossFitters across the world.

The 2017 CrossFit Open will commence with the 17.1 workout announcement on Thursday night, February 23rd at 8 PM.

Here is the 2017 schedule:

17.1: February 23 -February 27

17.2: March 2-6

17.3: March 9-13

17.4: March 16-20

17.5: March 23-27

Registration for the Open has already begun!

Each week we will post an update about the Open to keep you informed about any changes occurring at the gym this Open season (schedule, classes, submitting scores etc.)

1. You can sign up for Team CFNYC HERE.

2. You can review the rules for the 2017 Open HERE.

3. Note: This year if you want your workout to be judged and scored in an Open WOD class, you must be able to show proof of Open registration (Choose CrossFit NYC as your team!).